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About Q2

Transforming Innovation in the Digital Universe

QuantaHub Squared (Q2) is a strategy, technology, and management consulting firm created with innovative resources to solve the most complex problems. We live in a Digital Universe where Transforming Innovation to an understandable and simplistic solution solving industry problems is imperative. We take a customer-centric approach to Digital Transformation using tools such as AI & Analytics, Intelligent Automation, and Cloud based platforms to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. 

With our approach we can automate mundane financial tasks such as Intelligent A/P Invoice Processing, Billings and Collections, Cash Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, and Treasury Management to name a few. Additionally, in the Healthcare space we can automate Patient Registration, Prior Authorization, Physician Credentialing, and Hospital Supply Chain activities as some examples. With these tasks being automated, it will allow the organization to reallocate staff to perform more value-add tasks for the business.

When we engage with a client, our team treats the engagement as a partnership where we are the trusted advisor providing guidance and advice based off industry experience. This allows us to execute your vision and mission with purpose achieving successful results that you expect from a seasoned consulting firm.

Our mission is to help our clients Transform Innovation in the Digital Universe we live providing value-based solutions built to last using proven performance and forward-thinking approaches.


Automation Success Examples:

Large Scale Utilities Company:


  • Reduce the number of manual hours and errors in their purchase order processing. 



  • Automate PO processes

  • Use the multi-language, multi-page support to extract data from purchase orders and input into SAP

  • Rollout the solution in phases into each of its plants



  • 100% reduction in errors

  • Over 4,000 hours saved annually with purchase order automation

Major Healthcare Company:


  • Automate repetitive manual tasks to bolster the workflow across accounting services and offer employees the opportunity to develop their skillsets.



  • Automate Manual Reconciliations

  • Bots access and extract data from subledgers and general ledger

  • Mismatch alerts sent to accounting team for review and adjustment

  • Finance professionals spend less time on processing and more time on analysis



  • Over 15,000 hours saved annually 

  • 20% cost reduction

  • 29 processes automated

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