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AI Cybersecurity

Build Your Own Custom Cybersecurity Service with CDC-ON 

QuantaHub2 believes that digital security should be available and affordable to everyone. Through our zero-trust architecture and digital services, we stand firm: a rock-solid barrier against threat actors.


Our Momentum AI platform integrates seamlessly with our CDC-ON cybersecurity service platform. Every Agency has different security needs and with our customizable platform we help build or integrate your own unique and niche cybersecurity solution that is customizable at the code and API level. With our AI capabilities we are able to use AI techniques to: 


  • Help filter out noise, minimize false positives, and free up cybersecurity analysts to work on the most relevant threats. 

  • Analyze and correlate data from multiple sources and enable faster triage, forensics, and response to security-related incidents. 

  • Automatically scan networks and systems for vulnerabilities, identify weaknesses most likely to be exploited by attackers, and prioritize recommended patches or updates. 

  • Used for social engineering and spam detection, anomaly detection, prevention of DNS data exfiltration, advanced malware detection, and reduction of alert fatigue. 

  • Our AI/ML algorithms can tailor predictions to an organization's specific environment and risk profile, enabling the formulation of targeted defense strategies.

  • Our AI technologies perform semantic analysis on log entries, distinguishing between factual information and redundant or irrelevant details. This prioritizes what information is truly valuable.

  • Through our AI-powered filtering, the noise present in unstructured logs is significantly reduced. This results in a more concise and actionable dataset, making it easier for analysts to focus on critical information.

  • Assist in correlating events across different sources, revealing potential attack chains that might not be apparent when examining individual events.

  • Enables deep behavioral analytics, allowing security teams to understand the nuances of user and entity behaviors and identify deviations from expected norms.


Our AI can contribute to cybersecurity-related initiatives in multiple dimensions, including improving operational efficiencies, managing downside risks to a more acceptable level, and enabling/optimize the success of upside opportunities and strategic business objectives.

Our features of CDC-ON Custom (Cyber SaaS) Platform for IT, OT & IoT:

  • Supports multi-tenancy, multi-location.

  • Deployments from 100 to 1,000,000+ endpoints.

  • Cloud, on-prem or hybrid.

  • CDC-ON collects massive volumes of data in real-time and detects advanced and persistent threats using innovative machine learning algorithms.

  • Assisted triaging workflows promotes dwell-time reduction.

  • Inbuilt ticketing and KPI review engine - Ensure strict adherence to SLA.

  • Reduced implementation and engineering time.

  • Inbuilt compliance auditing and forensic log collection.

  • Inbuilt CDC-ON Agent or clients can choose their own preferred XDR.

  • Seamless integration with leading SIEM tools and technologies.

QuantaHub2 Infosec & Cybersecurity Universe of Competencies

Our Infosec and Cybersecurity Universe of Competencies

Ready for a Demo?

Our team can show you how we can:

  • Reduce dwell-time of an attack.

  • Stay ahead of your threats with increased protection by using customized, effective, integrated CSaaS tailor made to your needs.

CDC-ON® can help save 50% on your SOC deployment and operations.

CSaaS: Customizable Cybersecurity Platform and Service Delivery for Enterprises, SMBs, and Governments 

CDC-ON is a SIEM, SOAR, Integrated and Augmented EDR-XDR-MDR. Our team brings increased bandwidth and expertise for your specific problems.

The Technology
Large Technology Stack

  • Log collection, storage and analysis systems. (SIEM)

  • Platform agnostic corelation workflows.

  • E-mail security analysis, cloud security analysis.

  • Availability and Performance monitoring: (NOC)

  • The automated/customizable response module: (SOAR)

  • Threat intelligence and collaborations (TI)

  • Behavior Analysis and Anomaly detections (UBA)

  • Extended Detection and Response with EDR, anti-ransomware technologies (XDR, EDR)

  • Cyber Security Governance and Compliance utilities (GRC).

  • Application Monitoring & Network Monitoring.

  • Vulnerability Analysis and Management.

Threat Event Monitoring Dashboard
Firewall Event Statistics Dashboard

Our Implementation Framework

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our SOC Implementation Framework

Interested in a demo of the application, reach out to

The solution is deployed in your environment providing the ultimate protection for your agencies valuable assets. 

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