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QuantaHub2 AI "No-code" Product Momentum
Data Engineering and AI/ML Platform

QuantaHub2 offers our Data Engineering and AI/ML Platform "Momentum" to Federal Agencies that can be deployed on premises alleviating the risk of data traveling outside of your organization making it extremely secure. We can train any level of staff to understand the basic building blocks of AI solutions in addition to building their own solutions without knowing how to program languages such as R and Python using this platform. This is important to Workforce Training initiatives. Most importantly our AI platform provides consistency and repeatability which is imperative for successful governance, trustworthiness, and explainability of the AI models (what goes into the model).

Additionally, our platform has a modularized plug and play architecture comprised of Data Engineering, Data Warehouse, AI/ML, Computer Vision, NLP-SecureGPT, Automation, Business Intelligence Visualizations, and MLOps modules. We can use any investments your organization may have in similar platform modules lieu or complementary to our platform technologies. For example, if you have Tableau or another BI investment, there is no need to use our Business Intelligence tool, and with the platform being modular, there will be no licensing cost. You pick and choose the "right-fit" for your Agency.

We solve machine learning problems and automate business processes while leveraging your current advanced analytics solutions expanding them with AI techniques. Our platform allows users to develop a complete end-to-end AI/ML engineering solution without writing a single line of code and is offered on GSA Advantage GSA Schedule #47QTCA22D00C4 



Momentum Module

1. Data Engineering Module

  • Connect and ingest data from any format at a large scale.

  • Blend data from different sources or transform them to meet Machine Learning Algorithm formats.

  • Data processed is stored within a distributed file system allowing your organization to create enterprise-scale data warehouses.

  • Automate data ingestion and transformation using Pipeline. Complex data pipelines run on top of a distributed cluster to provide speed and scale to process terabytes and petabytes of data.



2. Data Warehouse Module

  • Impulse is a columnar database that enables fast ad-hoc analytics and instant data visibility with high concurrency.

  • Our Impulse database is highly scalable, fault-tolerant, cluster-based enterprise-grade technology that powers analytics involving a large volume of data where both speed and cost matter the most.

  • The browser-based management console allows enterprise users to ingest data to create indexes, execute ad-hoc queries, or manage roles and permissions in a highly secure way.

  • Depending on the data size, impulse can run on a single machine or scale to a cluster having multiple machines.

  • Restful web service APIs allow you to perform ad-hoc queries and get results in multiple formats.

3. Machine Learning Module

  • Select a model type and configure it to take your data as input.

  • Execute to automatically train a number of algorithms suitable for your use case.

  • Evaluate and select the best model.

  • Monitor model performance over time to assess when the right time to retrain the model is needed.

  • Retrain incrementally, if necessary, and maintain model versions to switch to the best performing models.

  • Automatic Feature Engineering provides a focus on improving the model accuracy.

  • Deploy model for real-time prediction from streaming data.

  • Deploy model for on-demand prediction from a batch of data.

  • Deploy one or more models to work together to automate business processes.

4. Computer Vision (CV) Module

We have opened our APIs for developers and system integrators who wish to utilize computer vision in their applications. You can train your own machine learning models based on your own images.

   CV Products:

  • Image and video-based modeling API.

  • ICR (Handwriting recognition) API.

  • OCR (Signature Matching) API.

  • Face Recognition API.

  • Object Detection API.

  • Printed character recognition API.

   CV Product Characteristics:

  • Our deep learning and computer vision-based trained models can read handwriting in addition to reading typed texts at a high level of accuracy.

  • We also provide an intuitive UI-based system to train your own models based on your unique handwriting sets — especially older documents.

  • In addition, you can train your own models to recognize non-English languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and more.

  • Call our restful web service API to perform object detection. The API returns a JSON response containing the detected object classes and their locations in the form of coordinates of bounding boxes.

  • Our Named Entity Recognition API lets you pass a block of text or documents and extract named entities. The API will return entities such as person, organization, currency, percentage, date, place and more. The API also returns the sentences in which the entities are found.

5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Module

Our SecureGPT understands and generate human-like responses make it a valuable tool for improving customer experience, streamlining operations, and enhancing communications based off your private data.

   Tailored Conversational AI for Your Enterprise

  • Customized to meet your organization’s unique needs and requirements.

  • Enhances internal team collaboration, customer support, and knowledge management.

   Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Host on-premises or in a Federal or DoD private cloud environment.

  • Protects sensitive data during transmission and storage.

  • Maintain full control over your data while adhering to security and compliance policies.


   Training with Secure Data

  • Train the model using your organization’s private data.

  • Enhance accuracy while maintaining strict data privacy measures.


   Continuous Monitoring and Support

  • Ongoing monitoring and expert support for optimal performance.

  • Timely updates and troubleshooting assistance.

   SecureGPT Use Cases by Business Unit:

  • SecureGPT can aid in legal research, assist with document drafting, summarization, and review, and provide basic legal information to procurement officials and attorneys.

  • SecureGPT has various applications in finance, including providing personalized customer support, automating routine inquiries, assisting with account management, offering financial advice, detecting fraud, and facilitating seamless financial transactions. It can enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and streamline processes within the organization.

  • SecureGPT can act as a virtual assistant for patients, answering non-emergency medical questions, ER triaging, providing medical information, summarizing patient medical history, and scheduling appointments.

  • Technology and IT Support - SecureGPT can provide technical support, troubleshoot common issues, and offer guidance on software and hardware configurations.

  • Transportation and Logistics - SecureGPT can assist with tracking shipments, provide information on logistics processes, and address organizational personnel inquiries regarding transportation services.

  • Human Resources - SecureGPT can answer HR-related inquiries, provide information on organizational policies, and assist with onboarding processes and employee support. It can assist in resume sorting and job matching.


6. Automation Engine Module

Momentum Automate creates a digital workforce to perform repetitive and mundane work so that our enterprise customers utilize human cognitive power in solving higher-order problems.

  • Momentum’s advantage is that it is a self-contained suite of tools and technology with no third-party licensing needed to develop complex enterprise automation.

  • Automated training of machine learning, computer vision, NLP, and AI models using pre-built algorithms without writing code.

  • Feedback and continuous learning: Configure incremental model training for improved automation accuracy.


7. Visualization Module:

  • Inset BI is our web-based visualization engine to display your business insights in the form of dashboards consisting of graphs and maps, to make data easier for the human brain.

  • With our fully integrated visualization tool, you can easily create dashboards from the data in Momentum, Impulse, or any other external data sources.

  • Control who sees what by role-based access control feature.

  • Whether you want to test and validate your AI models or track business KPIs, Inset BI provides a web-based visualization and a BI engine to create custom dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables.

  • Inset BI also provides a web-based validation and verification (V&V) engine. Whether you need to verify the outcomes from the automation engine or work through the correction of anomalies, Inset BI provides an intuitive web-based platform to manage your V&V workflow.

8. MLOps Module:

  • We’ve developed MLOps that streamlines ML operations and significantly reduces model deployment time, providing explain ability and governance.

  • 1-click deployment with CI/CD will reduce the time from 3 months to minutes and streamline ML operations

   MLOps Module Features

  • Data scientists develop models in the language of their choice and can publish them to production right from their code.

  • Supports CI/CD via multiple protocols (Restful, cURL, web UI)

  • Network and application security

  • Role-based access

  • Model Governance and Model Registry

  • Version control and A/B testing

  • Data drift detection

  • Model performance and drift monitoring

  • Monitoring dashboard and reporting

Data Engineering Module
Data Warehouse Module
Machine Learning Module
Computer Vision (ICR) Module
Computer Vision (Image and Video) Module
Computer Vision (Object Detection) Module
Computer Vision (OCR) Module
Computer Vision (Signature Matching) Module
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Module
SecureGPT Module
Automation Module
Visualization Module
MLOPS Module

Interested in a demo of the application, reach out to

The solution is deployed in your environment and is 100% secure based off your data. 

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