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Generative AI with Enterprise Private Data

Our SecureGPT solution is a Natural Language Processing Model where a user can verbally ask a question or type a question providing the ability to understand and generate human-like responses make it a valuable tool for improving customer experience, streamlining operations, and enhancing communication in various domains. SecureGPT is offered on GSA Advantage GSA Schedule #47QTCA22D00C4 

Unlike ChatGPT where you use open and unsecure APIs which are vulnerable to security risks and exposure of your corporate data, our SecureGPT learns off your data in your environment and is not exposed to outside risks. Some of the benefits of our SecureGPT are:

  1. Tailored Conversational AI for Your Enterprise

    • Customized to meet your organization’s unique needs and requirements.

    • Enhances internal team collaboration, customer support, and knowledge management.

  2. Enterprise-Grade Security

    • ​Host on-premises or in a Federal or DoD private cloud environment. 

    • Protects sensitive data during transmission and storage. 

    • Maintain full control over your data while adhering to security and compliance policies.

  3. Training with Secure Data

    • ​Train the model using your organization’s private data. 

    • Enhance accuracy while maintaining strict data privacy measures.

  4. Continuous Monitoring and Support

    • ​Ongoing monitoring and expert support for optimal performance. 

    • Timely updates and troubleshooting assistance.

Use Case Application:

  • SecureGPT has various applications in finance, including providing personalized customer support, automating routine inquiries, assisting with account management, offering financial advice, detecting fraud, and facilitating seamless transactions

  • SecureGPT can provide IT technical support, troubleshoot common issues, and offer guidance on software and hardware configurations.

  • SecureGPT can answer HR-related inquiries, provide information on company policies, and assist with onboarding processes and employee support. It can assist in resume sorting and job matching.

  • SecureGPT can act as a healthcare virtual assistant for patients, answering non-emergency medical questions, ER triaging, providing basic medical information, summarizing patient medical history, and scheduling appointments.

  • SecureGPT can assist with tracking shipments, provide information on logistics processes, and address customer inquiries regarding transportation services.

How it works:

  1. Deploy Securely

  2. Upload Documents

  3. Ask Anything

  4. Role-based Access

GPT Interface
Upload Any Document

Upload documents from any format: Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Images, Zip Files, etc.

GPT Upload Documents
GPT Uploaded Files
Ask Anything

Ask and get answers based off your private data, follow on questions, scenario-based questions.

GPT Chat Interface
GPT Chat Results
Role-based Access

Ask and get answers based off your private data, follow on questions, scenario-based questions.

GPT Role Based Access

Interested in a demo of the application, reach out to

The solution is deployed in your environment and is 100% secure based off your data. 

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