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Our Data Analytics Approach

Our Innovative Data Analytics solutions provide a stream of insights to our clients helping to make better business decisions utilizing business analytics with data science. To be competitive, an organization must have a data modernization strategy to move from legacy to modern architectures ensuring data is transparent, trustworthy, and accessible at speed. With our services and solutions, we can help your organization grow and differentiate against competition and open the door to new possibilities using analytics and AI.

Our Data Analytics Solutions are comprised of 4 different focus areas:

Data Preparation

  • Data Ingestion from any data source​ - RDBMS, NoSQL, Delimited, Text, PDF, Image, Video, Audio, Sensor, Satellite, S3, and more.

  • Data Cleansing and Standardization

  • Data Governance

  • Data Storage

Machine and Deep Learning

  • Approaches - Supervised Regression, Supervised Classification, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Feature Engineering, and more.​

Advanced Analytics

  • Techniques - Computational Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Root Cause Analysis, Data Mining, Forecasting, Pattern Identification, and more.​

Data Visualization

  • Types - Insights Reporting, Exploratory Analysis, Automated Report Generation, Dashboarding, Data Simulation, and more.​

QuantaHub Squared Analytics by Industry

Financial Services Analytics

Banking and Mortgages:

  • Predicting Home Appraisal Risk

  • Predicting Loan Payment Status

  • Predicting Payment Defaulters

  • Predicting Pre-payments

  • Predicting Earning Potential of Lenders

  • Predicting Loan Earning Potential

  • Early Warning Rate Performance

  • Revenue vs Operating Margins

  • Cash Flow Evaluations - IRR

  • Actual vs Forecasted Expenses

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To learn more about our analytical solutions for Financial Services, Healthcare, Supply Chain & Retail, Energy & Utilities, and Industrials. Contact us at

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