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Contract # 47QTCA22D00C4         
SINS: 54151S and 54151HEAL

Energy, Resources & Industrials

The power and utilities sector need to transform and innovate their businesses to handle the unprecedented disruption across the sector. Survival for utilities will depend on their ability to develop new capabilities, different business models and a mindset centered around agility and collaboration. Emerging technologies will play a crucial role, and utilities must harness their capabilities to seize the opportunities presented by the advancing energy universe. QuantaHub Squared will work with your team to master the disruption, help to develop the business model, technology and capabilities that will help position you to succeed in the advancing energy universe.


We develop and deploy the most advanced technologies to serve energy and industrial companies looking for more efficient and reliable solutions. Q2 solutions transform operations by bringing together the power of data, analytics and automation to achieve more with less impact. Our diverse portfolio of technologies and solutions are transforming how industry works today and in the future.

Predicting Assets at Risk of Failure using the Q2 Predictive Asset Maintenance


Asset failure prediction

Assess probability and impact of equipment failure with a high degree of confidence and consistency, based on actual operating conditions and asset performance details.

Asset-level diagnostics

Identify and diagnose the conditions affecting individual asset failure; extrapolate individual equipment findings to the full asset portfolio. 


Visualization across portfolio

View assets across the portfolio and perform drill-down analysis. Build customizable reports on asset risk across critical business and operating dimensions.

Risk management

Understand the impact that a high-risk asset has on production, reliability, safety and environmental goals. Create maintenance orders to mitigate the chance of downtime.


Asset health monitoring

Proactively assess real-time asset health, along with failure predictions, maintenance expense projections, and potential capital expenditures.

Maintenance prioritization
Prioritize equipment maintenance work by leveraging machine learning–based risk scores. 


Energy Business Intelligence (BI) and Decision Support

Through real-time proactive monitoring and the control of energy trading activities, Business Intelligence (BI) and Decision Support helps energy organizations to more effectively manage risk, optimize decisions and increase revenues. Our advanced integration framework supports an energy domain data mart bringing together transaction data from functions across the suite. The Q2 approach provides a set of reporting and BI tools that can be deployed against the common data model and database including advanced cubes. Dashboards may be used with real-time alerts and data feeds to deliver consolidated views, visual representations of the data and immediate, streaming updates to forecasts, real-time market data and projected performance metrics. 


Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

Q2 fosters analytical innovation with the use of AI and precision medicine, in combining big data analytics and machine learning (ML) algorithms, will enable our customers to leverage this data better reducing costs of improving health outcomes. Some of the benefits realized include more accurate staffing; facilitation of chronic care; and a lower rate of medication errors. 

Our BI and Analytics solutions solve problems:

  • Support better care planning, care transitions and clinical decision making by leveraging structured and unstructured data

  • Reduce harmful episodes through the detection of unusual or adverse events

  • Improve the management and forecast of resources, increase efficiency and improve quality and access to care 

  • Identify healthcare claims with high potential for recovery

Energy BI and Decision Support Benefits

Q2 BI and Decision Support provides companies with numerous benefits such as:

  • Increases profits and minimizes risks through real-time visibility to forecasts, market data and business performance

  • Gives executives the most current view of how the business is performing at any given moment in time

  • Helps leadership monitor contract positions and residuals, spot market prices and project profit and loss

  • Helps you to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention

  • Protects revenue streams through more effective real-time management of positions and transport utilization

Past Performance Highlights

Project 1: We supported a Houston, TX based energy company responsible for mining fuels and distributing them to commercial energy providers such as Duke Energy, Xcel Energy, Oncor, etc. They had developed many siloed data sources and websites used to support reporting and communication to its consumers. Q2 was contracted to create a new digital platform that would consolidate multiple disparate websites and expand the richness and comprehensiveness of its offerings. We selected Sitecore as the digital platform to support a customer portal for clients to explore and manage their tools and subscriptions.


Our team designed and built a single experience to manage the entire customer lifecycle:

  • Modern, user-friendly interface design featuring content-focused navigation across all platforms

  • Single sign-on access to all products and data sources

  • Consolidation of five disparate websites into a single CMS platform

  • Data manipulation and visualization tools for 20+ product line services

  • Structured content services for audience segmentation, personalization, and micro-targeting

  • Designed to expand seamlessly and efficiently as the company brings new product offerings to market

Project 2: Q2 worked with a Texas based Electric Delivery Company to design and develop a self-healing metering system to identify failures and self-healing processes using a cloud-based architecture. Our advanced metering infrastructure was designed with advanced smart metering supporting smart grid operations using advanced AI as the main component for the smart grid self-healing network. Our one integrated AI platform starts at the source of energy (generation) and flows through a full three-phase model down to individual meters. Virtually every component, including loops, are analyzed using specific physical component properties. 


Benefits realized:

  • Energy Efficiency: Moving from monthly to near real-time, customized feedback and applying behavioral insights on how customers can save energy and money.

  • Remote Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis: Early identification of Power outage and restoration, communication losses and assets performance management. 

  • Pricing: Shifting from fixed rates that don’t reflect the underlying cost of service to time-of-use rates that inform and enable customers to respond to price signals.

  • Data disaggregation: Using granular data for program targeting, evaluation, and innovative designs, such as “pay-for-performance.”

  • Dynamic load management: Static analysis models based on specific configurations and seasonal loads will change to time-based simulation models. 
    Grid connectivity: Offering new programs with grid value and customer bill savings, such as grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEB) and conservation voltage reduction.

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