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Contract # 47QTCA22D00C4         
SINS: 54151S and 54151HEAL

Financial Services

Fintech or Financial technology translates the potential of data to be monetized. QuantaHub Squared equips financial service providers with innovative solutions, engineering backup, technology expertise, and real-world industry experience. Our consultancy, coupled with financial services software development, increases the productivity of a clients’ organization(s), improves the user experience of their customers, and provides product visibility across the newest digital platforms. 

Q2 is a trusted technology partner by some of the world’s best technology vendors to bring digital improvements into action. We can mobilize a team of seasoned fintech experts, full-stack software developers, PMs, data scientists, UX / UI designers, DevOps specialists to achieve even the most ambitious project goals.

We bring a reliable digital foundation to the financial services industry and fintech by utilizing a full spectrum of tools and technologies:

  • Salesforce

  • Big Data & Analytics

  • AI & Machine Learning

  • Cloud & DevOps

  • Business Intelligence

  • Distributed Ledger Technology

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Strategic Data Storage

  • Microservices Architecture


Digital Banking Services

​At Q2, we invigorate financial services with innovative capabilities, like AI algorithms, online access, smart chatbots, to help win customer loyalty and keep clients satisfied at every stage of their interaction with a bank. Our team performs digitization of traditional banking via process automation, handling anti-fraud and KYC/AML procedures, and ensuring full compliance with industry’s regulations. Services include:

  • Upgrading legacy banking software

  • Process automation and systems integration

  • Mobile and online banking solutions

  • Implementation of security and fraud detection tools


RegTech Services

​In the highly regulated financial services landscape, Q2 delivers solutions focused on maintaining regulatory compliance, automating compliance checks and reporting, reducing the risks of non-compliance fines caused by human factor and reducing the operational costs while keeping our clients responsive to regulatory changes. Services include:

  • AI-driven compliance automation, with ML and NLP algorithms

  • Customer identification, KYC and AML modules integration

  • Transaction monitoring and reporting tools

Financial Technology Services

​Digital infrastructure
We can build a virtual cloud environment for your financial solution that supports complete functionality, decreasing infrastructure cost and eliminating downtimes.


Real-time analytics and forecasting
We visualize important financial insights from analytics and reporting systems as well as assist in making data-driven decisions for credit scoring using AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data technologies.

Legacy apps migration
We migrate critical parts of your on-premise systems to the cloud, structuring the large volume of legacy data and the most critical features in secure warehouses.


Finance CRM
CRM software for finance empowers your organization to revolutionize while handling all its crucial data and improves customer engagement by applying a personalized approach, data integration services, and marketing solutions from retail to investment and insurance business lines.


R&D innovations
We partner with financial service providers to develop a proof-of-concept for their innovative idea and efficiently support their production efforts from concept to a market-ready solution.


Past Performance Highlights

Project 1: Q2 supported a State Auditor to transform manual audit processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The purpose of using RPA was to manage, uniform, and standardize structures to documentation. The solution involved using dynamic table patterns in data pools to organize financial documents to quickly transform hundreds of pages of documentation and standardize formats for investigation and reporting.  The solutions reduced one hour of human work extracting information to less than 2 minutes with higher than 95% accuracy. Additionally, our solution processed 160 files in 5 hours and 30 minutes to completion without any exceptions. This replaced 160 human hours monthly increasing efficiency and reduced time for each individual audit.

Project 2: Q2 assisted in developing a 15 terabyte financial data mart for a GSE built on an Oracle Exadata Engineered System utilizing Oracle OBIEE 12c for business intelligence capabilities. The solution improved the risk management group’s flexibility and usability in accessing data and reduced report processing times by 67%, while also providing new executive level dashboards for their $2.1 trillion portfolio. 


Project 3: Q2 worked with a major banks CIO to define their Enterprise Data Program and executed several projects within this program, including a critical Deposit, Loan, and Customer data warehouse project. Our team worked with their COO and their Operations leadership team to perform a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) assessment for their lending unit. Under this program, we helped them evaluate, select and implement a new LOS / POS system. The ROI for the LOS / POS system achieved a 43% payback over a 3-year period.

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