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Image by Andrew Coelho


Accelerating the Net-Zero Transition for Sustainable Manufacturing Across the Globe

GreenOps is an Industrial IoT Platform with Digital Twins that converts continuous and discrete process industries with standard OT/Electronic systems into a cognitive solution driving the “SMART Factory of Future”. GreenOps leverages batch and streaming data with a plug-in-based messaging layer, powerful data crunching capabilities, and rules engine to customize data and deliver revolutionary insights for the industry. The platform brings a unique combination of Sensors and AI Vision based technologies along with a suite of custom AI/ML/DL libraries for Industry 4.0 to solve complex business problems offering cost & profit drivers to optimize conversion economics (Cost, Quality, Efficiency) with a “Health, Safety & Environment- HSE First” approach.

Comprehensive AI based platform with Digital Twins for GHG Measurement, Analysis and Real Time Decision

GreenOps Features:

  • Reliable Unique Addressing Process Emission

  • Complete Data View with Energy Optimization

  • Real-time Process Emission Analysis

  • Low Carbon Emission, Real-time GHG Intensity Data and Monetize with Ecosystem

  • Holistic Data Acquisition, Data Privacy & Security

Oil & Gas Solutions

Reduces Energy Losses and Coke Yield

US Based Petro Chemical Plant: Coke Yield Improvement for Delayed Coker Unit.

  • ROI = 25% annually

  • 8% CO2 reduction monthly

  • 2.4% Coke Yield Reduction per month

  • 5.2% Reduction in GHG Emissions

  • 1.5% Improved Economic Efficiency from Baselined Production.

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