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Contract # 47QTCA22D00C4         
SINS: 54151S and 54151HEAL

Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services enables enterprises to accelerate performance, deliver real value and improve ROI through the application of intelligent process automation. Our end-to-end RPA services range from Assessment, design, RPA CoE, strategy to RPA implementation and support in improving productivity and achieving operational outcomes by reducing mundane and repetitive manual tasks. We help apply RPA solutions to drive business value, ultimately allowing companies to be efficient and become an “Automated Enterprise.”

Services Include:


  • Consulting and Digital Roadmap Development

  • RPA Application Development

  • Chatbots

  • Development of Intelligent Automation Mapping Ecosystem

RPA Infographic.png

Candidate areas for automation:

Here are some high-value areas for automation that QuantaHub Squared can help your organization achieve success. We are partners and work with all the major RPA vendors, each has their own strengths which we can advise based off your automation needs. For example, UIPath and Blue Prism are good choices when deploying enterprise-wide, while if it's a basic simple automation, it might be cost-effective to use MSFT Power Automate RPA that comes with your organizations Office 365 licensing. Our SMEs can help you decide which product is going to give you the best ROI based off your needs. To learn more about our past performance successes and how we can help your organization realize significant ROI embarking on an RPA initiative, contact us at


  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

  • Hospital Supply Chain

  • Clinical Research

Procurement & Acquisitions:

  • Pre-purchase

  • Purchase (Front-end, Back-end)

  • Payment Processing


  • Procure-to-Pay / Order-to-Cash

  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable

  • Intercompany

Tax (Direct or Indirect):

  • Trial Balance / Subledger

  • Deferred Tax

  • Audit

Human Resources (HR):

  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

  • Benefits and Payroll Administration

  • Compliance and Reporting

Contact Center:

  • Sales and Claims Handling

  • Customer Support / Services

  • Billing and Account Management

Cybersecurity & IT:

  • Asset Tracking and Management

  • Event and Threat Notification

  • Compliance and Reporting (SOX/GDPR/CCPA/PCI DSS)

Logistics & Supply Chain:

  • Demand Planning

  • Inventory and Supply Sourcing

  • Logistics


Internet of Things (IoT)

For growing businesses, IoT means much more than just establishing connections between devices and systems—it opens up vast opportunities for creating new products and services. The enhanced ability to see and process what goes on in and around organizations is energizing business and IT leaders to reevaluate the ways they organize their businesses and underlying processes, as well as opening up new ways to reach customers. At QuantaHub Squared, we seamlessly integrate IoT edge devices, gateways, and cloud platforms to provide you with a robust IoT ecosystem. Our team works with you to bring your IoT ideas from strategy to implementation and add significant value to your business.


  • IoT Application Development - We help customers to effectively take advantage of IoT technology and solutions, connecting systems and devices to the cloud without giving up on security, performance, and flexibility. We use big data and analytics to power our customers’ businesses.​

  • Connectivity of Legacy Equipment - The replacement of legacy machinery can be extremely costly and time-consuming. To save you time and money, we provide seamless IoT integration with legacy systems and applications and ensure uninterrupted operations.​

  • IoT Testing & Support - In addition to providing IoT application development services, our team delivers product stability and optimized business processes by providing ongoing support and maintenance.

  • IoT, Big Data and AI - We boost data engineering with up-to-date technologies to help you detect and predict fraud, perform accurate data analytics, and achieve process automation.

  • IoT Consulting - To make sure our customers can grasp the full opportunities of IoT and Big Data, QuantaHub Squared helps businesses to analyze data, create actionable IoT designs, and implement robust plans. We provide consultancy in hardware, software, and product enhancement.

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