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Life Sciences & Healthcare Solutions

A dynamic, constantly evolving healthcare landscape is undergoing tremendous change, anchored by innovation and transformation at the intersection of science and technology. We have a Life Sciences & Healthcare team who come from a variety of backgrounds of healthcare experience. Our team develops responsible AI and analytics solutions for a deeper understanding of science, to drive better healthcare outcomes. The team takes a data-driven approach with an understanding that each environment is unique and cultural, strategy, and practical complexities factor into the environment. Using data allows us to adapt in each environment as the anchor, driving scientific discoveries, fostering innovation, and effectively building strategies to improve public health. Our experts include clinicians, technologists, and scientists that are committed to designing, building, and integrating end to end solutions solving our clients most pressing problems.

A few highlights of our Life Sciences and Healthcare Solutions:

Claims Processing RPA Solutions - Large Healthcare Provider Firm


The team deals with denied billing claims. When the team gets the rejection from the insurer, they manually match the claim to its original, organizes, and catalogs the rejection, then decides whether to resubmit the claim.


  • Automate claims matching and organization per business rules.

  • RPA reduced the cost of processing the claim, making it feasible to resubmit low-dollar claims.

Legacy State = 90min                                 Automation State = 13min 

(With a reduction in cycle time, they resubmit 50% more claims)

Healthcare RPA Solutions - Family Medical Center


Their team upgraded to a new integrated electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management system by accurately transferring 30 years of patient data to the new system, quickly and cost effectively.


  • Bots deployed to run simultaneously in the background to transfer data. 

  • RPA transferred 60,000 patient records within 24 hours.


(1,309 hours saved and 100% accurate)

Healthcare RPA Solutions - Innovative Scientific Medical Solutions Provider


Their Customer Service group needs to complete four processes (customers, hospitals, nursing homes, and in-home care providers) that were either performed manually or simply not possible without automation.


  • Four areas were automated: pre-registration form processing, transmission summary processing, commercial invoice preparation, and regional inventory reporting. Since diagnosing and resolving those issues, the company has extended its use of automation to include over 20 processes, including 5 that automatically run at different times of day.

              Processes Automated = 24                  

($110K annual savings and 100% accurate)

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