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Our Technology Innovation Approach

Our Technological Innovation focuses on futuristic technologies hitting the markets such as ChatGPT, Quantum Computing, Digital Twin Process Simulation, and AI Vision-based Intelligence. QuantaHub Squared technologists experiment on how these technologies can improve our customers successes. We have built an Innovation Center Think Tank in the AWS cloud where we are able to test new technologies without impacting our client's infrastructure experimenting with integrations such as GPT and RPA. Our team is located both onshore in the USA and we have an offshore team we integrate together combining bright minds to come up with new innovative solutions to take to market.

Smart City Innovation

Connect smart cities by integrating edge devices into our Momentum data engineering and machine learning platform. We use AI for simulations and predictive models to prevent outages. 

Displayed here is our Smart City Parking solution where we predict revenue and identify the outlier for possible revenue leakage and fraud. Data is aggregated from stream-based real-time parking sensor data, CCTV video & images, and business application data. Used descriptive & predictive analytics deployed providing insight in preventing fraud. Analytics captured:

  • Prediction of parking occupation rate

  • Parker Segmentation

  • Revenue Prediction

  • Outlier Detection (cars entering and leaving 15-16 times a day)

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Innovation Center Platform Software:

Our Innovation Center in the AWS cloud hosts our no code data engineering and AI/ML platform, Momentum. Momentum allows users to develop AI solutions without writing a single line of code. No data science or programming skills are needed to develop machine learning based solutions. Momentum is available in the AWS Marketplace and a FREE 14-day trial is available.

AWS Marketplace: Momentum AI/ML (

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