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We Bring Expertise and Confidence Delivering Innovation Success

  • Our Process Digitization Enables Efficiency, Production, and Profitability

  • Our Disruption Drives Innovation

  • Our AI Solutions Stimulate Human-Machine Association 

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QuantaHub Squared is Addressing the "Net-Zero Challenge" to Reduce GHG Carbon Emissions across the Globe

We have partnered with LivNSense and are disrupting the Decarbonization Industry with Green Digital Twins for a Low-carbon Future. Our GreenOps solution provides 25%+ ROI in the first year.

What We Do - Core Capabilities


In today’s complex world, innovation is the key to achieve your quantifiable business outcomes requiring a high-performance blend of humans with machines, automation with artificial intelligence, and analytics with data science.

"An organization must shift focus from legacy to transformative technology and deliver change faster by embracing disruption using investments to design a new future."  -Will Rohde (CEO)


Our team has developed a fully integrated end-to-end enterprise scale data science solution to train machine learning, computer vision, AI and NLP models that enables intelligent automation. We helped a commercial bank reduce their operating costs by 60% using automation. Our team is working on using AI to build out Smart City solutions and have implemented a smart lighting technology that reduced power consumption by over 15%.

Innovation in Finance

  • Process Automation

    • Clearing House​

    • Ledger Validation

    • Risk Scoring

    • Surveillance & Compliance

Innovation in Healthcare

  • Predictive Analytics in Care Optimization

  • NLP for Code Extraction in Radiology Reporting

  • OCR Data Extraction from Patient Reports

Innovation in Supply Chain

  • Sales Analytics

    • Predictions​

  • Comprehensive Analytics​

    • Demand Prediction​

    • Churn Analysis & Prevention

Innovation in IoT/Smart Cities

  • Smart City

    • Lighting and Parking​

  • Smart Fleet Management

    • Land and Sea

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • Smart Building Management

Why QuantaHub Squared?

Who We Serve

  • We are technology agnostic and focus on the best "right-fit" solution that meets YOUR organization's needs.

  • Our resources are innovative, creating value for our clients with digital solutions and industry expertise to help solve problems.

  • We provide a positive social impact by creating jobs for people living in lower income, high unemployment, and difficult development areas called HUBZone's.

  • As a small business we are able to keep our overhead low to provide our clients with costs that are fair and reasonable to meet their budget needs.

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